The World of The Magic Circle

What is the world like over a hundred years from now?

The world of The Magic Circle is one that is similar yet different to ours. Over a hundred years into our future, yet forty years after a terrible nuclear event destroyed large parts of the planet.

Cruicially, it didn't destroy all of it, and pockets of civilisation still exist. Due to the delay-action of many nuclear strikes, explosions still continue to this day and throw fallout material into the atmosphere.

In a bid to prevent such a disaster ever happening again, the remaining continents signed the World Peace Accords, strictly prohibiting communication between continents. The hope is that, without communication, there can never be a desire for war on such scale again.


The only areas that still exist in Europe are the British Isles, France, Spain, and the Scandi.

The British Isles have had some border changes, where Greater Scotland control everything south of Dunnet Head all the way to Cambridge. Scottish Gaelic is the primary language, though they are also taught the common Franspañol, a hybrid language formed by the remaining strongest countries. Beyond that is Little England, most of which was destroyed in a nuclear blast. Across the sea lies United Irelend.

France and Spain are the least affected countries in Europe, though they are always vigilant against fallout. Forming an alliance, they merged their language to cement ties between the two nations and have propsered. France has become a centre for arts, culture, and agriculture, whilst Spain has become an industrial nation of scientists, bioengineers, and medical advances, especially in radiation treatments.

The Scandi are isolated by choice, preferring to stay clear of modern politics and look after themselves. Though they will treat visitors warmly, they rebuke any formal discussions.

Collectively, Europe uses renewable energy, and will often bioengineer creatures to help them in their daily lives. Examples are cockroaches that live inside simple disc-shaped robots, wandering the streets and recycling rubbish they find; or pigeons engineered to home in on a person's DNA in order to carry long-distance private messages. They abhor screens, having a firm belief that it was computers and lies that led to the nuclear war. Magic is especially prevalent around Paris, though anyone who uses it is forced to secrecy by the Department of Mystical Anomalies.


The entire African continent wasn't involved in the nuclear war at all. The sudden release from debts and foreign attention led to a surge in technological development and a thirst for colonial revenge. The most agressive countries closer to Europe and Asia headed out and took advantage of the political void just after the war and before the Peace Accords were signed, and grabbed countries such as Greece, Poland, and parts of India. These countries are still forced to speack French, the common language of Africa, and follow their laws.

Over time, a charasmatic figure called Engameli called for unification, and the various countries joined together to form the Federation of Africa. Engameli is the current President of the FoA, though it would suprise many to find out he is actually an AI construct.

Since the Accords, the Federation has looked inwards, pushing industry towards entertainment, recreation, and advanced technology. A typical city, such as the capital Praetoria, will be full of adverts, stimulants for hire, different music and noises clamouring for attention, whilst drones and robots do the dirtiest of jobs. As leylines do not run through FoA countries, they are not aware that magic exists.


Moscow and most of western Russia was heavily hit during the war. The new capital, Abakan, lies further east. The Russian Orthodox Church has taken over the political running of the continent, and led early expansions into China, Korean Peninsula, and parts of India. These countries, whilst technically converted to the Church, are still allowed their own indentities and laws.

Their way of life is mostly about survival, yet they are slowly stepping out of that era and becoming more sophisticated. Most of their technology is old, as the knowledge to create more vehicles and factories was lost for decades. Fossil-fuelled vehicles are common place, though as their reserves of oil are running low, they are looking at alternatives. As their culture develops beyond survival, so does their thirst for more advanced technology. Above all else, they are pragmatists, doing whatever they need to in order to endure and survive.

Surprisingly, they are the only continent that still retained the skills and equipment to launch satellites, and they use them for scientific and espionage purposes in equal measure. The Church is also keen to find and recruit more people who, in their words, can touch the power of God (what Europe would call magic-users). If they can't recruit them for the Church, then they must be killed to prevent them working against the Church.


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